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Dear Friend,

The New Dimensions Holistic Health store in Cody, Wyoming is now closed

To fulfill your product needs we have put together a few options, so you can choose what best suits you.

OPTION 1: You may order Standard Process, Nature’s Sunshine Products, and Pure Herbs from our MannaPlus office.
These orders can be placed via phone (517) 567-4364 or email: .
There will be an ongoing free shipping offer with orders over $65.00.


OPTION 2: You may become a member of Nature’s Sunshine Products. If you contact us to set this up we
have a packet of information and goodies for you. This allows you to still use option 1 or order directly from the
company via phone or internet. Mindy will take care of all the set up for you.
Membership Fee is a one- time order of $40 QV minimum. We strongly recommend ordering over $100
QV worth of product on your initial order; this entitles you to a $15 product credit on your account that does not

NSP has many sales, offers and also a free shipping program. This is the best option for those who are
regularly ordering monthly. Let us know if this interests you.


OPTION 3: We also plan to provide skype and/or facetime consultations, including assessing eye pictures that are emailed to us.
We will continue to provide support for you whether by answering a few questions or doing a full appointment via these methods.

Please contact us at our Michigan store, Manna Plus, with any health questions, or via our facebook page.

What is your preferred method of contact? If you are not receiving emails from us and would like to, please subscribe too our MannaPlus newsletter. If phone or mail is best, just let us know.

We love each and every one of you.


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Rev Mindy Wade, CBS, CNHP, MHNC



"Nature's Sunshine Products is committed to bringing our customers the very best botanicals from all over the world. And we don't take our suppliers' word for the quality of their facilities. We travel the globe to audit our suppliers firsthand and make sure they are building quality into their entire practice. We go to different harvesters and find out where the best crop is that year so we can use the highest of quality ingredients."

"Our staff science team formulates our products with a relentless commitment to ingredient purity and potency. That’s why our customers trust Nature’s Sunshine natural products to deliver proven, repeatable results."

"We make and package Nature’s Sunshine products in our own facility, under conditions and guidelines that meet the most stringent global regulations. "